May 26, 2015

New territory

Someone asked me to make a seafood display for them. I asked for some experimenting time since I really don't know anything about seafood. Sure, I made fish, but mostly only fresh water ones. You know, Hungary hasn't got any sea connection, therefore seafood is not the part of the Hungarian cuisine. At all. So I turned to my best friend again, the internet. And I found a lot of excellent pictures about lobsters, clams, oysters, octopuses and various salt water fish. But since I haven't seen these creatures live it was quite hard for me to figure out the sizes. I tried to use plates, hands or anything in the photos.
You can see the result in the pictures. It's avaliable on ebay (

May 20, 2015

Celebration time

I had two New Year's wishes, to lose some weight (it's a recurring wish) and to try to become an IGMA Fellow. It seems I'm better at making miniatures than keeping on my diet. So as of 5 May I'm an IGMA Fellow. I have to admit, I worked hard for it, but it so paid off. I did my level best to come up with the most realistic foods I've ever made. I can't find the words for how happy I am now.
You helped me, too, with the deciding about the application works. I chose the miniatures you had liked the most for the base of the new ones.
To celebrate together I set up a coupon code 'Fellowship' for you to save 15$ off my prices in my Etsy shop (
And here are my application works.

Feb 25, 2015

New still life

My obsession with miniature still lifes are still alive. Here is my new baby, this time I worked around tomatoes.

It's available on ebay.

Nov 8, 2014

My new obsession

Oh my God! I can't beleive my last post was in September. I'm a very, very bad blogger, and I'm sorry for that. But I have a new obsession and everything else just slipped out of my mind. So, the new flame is still life in miniature. Actually, it's not so new, but now it's on the first place.
I found inspiration in some excellent painters' works, such as НИКОЛАЕВ ЮРИЙ ВИКТОРОВИЧ (sorry for the Cyrillic letters) and Loran Speck. They rustic style is just after my heart.
I can't promise I would post more often in the future, but you could always check my latest works in my Pinterest album (

Sep 7, 2014

I'm still alive

So, I had a little bit of a vacation from my blog. Sorry for that. Summer is always is a hard time for me. The kids are at home (mostly), my garden needs me, too, something has to give, and it's usually my blog. I just hope there is still someone who reads my blog. But now I'm here and full of new ideas.
Though I didn't post, I was working all summer and made a lot of miniatures. And I created a Pinterest gallery for my works so you can see I was really busy. Here is the link,

One of my readers asked me to add a follow by email widget to my blog, so she could get my posts delivered into her inbox, or something like that. I thought, of course, why not, I would do that gladly, if I just know what the hell a widget is. So I did what I always do when I have a computer related problem, I arranged a meeting with my personal system administrator, aka I went into the study and asked my husband. And he knew what a widget is, of course. Sometimes I think he lives in the next century. Or do I live in the previous one? And he started to tell me about widget types, and pros and cons, and it was at about the third sentence when my mind closed up, because every second word was unfamiliar. That's me and the computer. I'm pathetic, I know. But I'm on the widget thingy, it would be available in a few days. (I hope!)

Now about the minis. It's fall and time to carve some pumpkins. Here are my jack-o'-lanterns and other miniatures with pumkins.
Recipe for the pumpkin pulp,

orange fimo
liquid fimo
cotton wad (I got it from a cotton disc), this adds the fibers to the pulp.

May 14, 2014

Red fruits again

Now it's only raspberry with a little branch. I usually make the leaf from paper (cherry branch), but for the raspberry branch I used fimo. I still don't know which material is the better.

And some other miniatures "from the garden".

Apr 29, 2014

I'm in!

A wonderful thing happened to me. I'm in a dollhouse magazine. Wait a minute, I have to correct that. I'M IN TWO DOLLHOUSE MAGAZINES!!! It's like Christmas and my birthday present mixed together. I'm happy, and proud and grateful and so much more I haven't found the right word for.
The first article by Janet Kubiesa is  in the Dollhouse and Miniture Scene magazine (2014 June). It's an Easter themed article with mostly my eggs.

The second one is by Janet Stuart (and partly by me) and in the Dollhouse Miniatures magazine (2014 May/June, 39. issue). It shows  my various miniatures. 

Thank you, Janets for the articles!
I know the resolution of the pictures is not enough for reading them, but I have only these pictures for now. I haven't got the magazines yet, but I hope I will hold them in my hands soon.