Feb 1, 2012

How to make miniature wicker basket

This is the time to uncover my big secret of making basket. So I use a very simple yellow wire of 0.4mm width. I use brown acryl paint to get that fine shade of the baskets. If I need an old basket, I use matt paints and chalk powders to cover the shiny surface. The weaving is the same as they use making real size basket. 


Kikka said...

Great idea!
Thank You!

Ilona said...

How generous of you to share your secret of making baskets, thank you very much!
Kind regards,Ilona

Cote said...

Gracias por la explicación!!

Lady Jane said...

Still looks really hard to me!!! I am skeptical but I will give it a try, lol... Somehow me thinks you need some talent to do it. LJ

Nicole said...

Thank you so much to show how to make the baskets! They are great :)

Maria Ireland said...

Thank you for showing how. Now i need to give it a go :)
Hugs Maria

Catherine said...

Thank you Lidi! It was great to see how you make one.

I am afraid I will never be very good at it. I am just so happy you sell yours. :-)

SaMiRa73 said...

Thank you Bözse for showing :-)... but Haha! it is actually quite similar to the way I TRIED to make my baskets....so maybe the secret you forgot to mention is your talent???
But maybe I will give it another try now :-)
Hugs, Sandra

Janice said...

You make it look so easy.....but I don't think it is!!

Lovely work.

Eliana said...

Thanks for sharing!

cockerina said...

thanks for the tutorial, it seems easy to do.
I do not understand though, is "cotton" thread, or "wire"?

Katrina said...

Thank you for sharing and the pictures. It looks so easy but I need much exercise.
Have a nice weekend. Best wishes Kati

Iris said...

Thank you, when you showed how to make a basket.

Daisy said...

Obrigada por ensinar, adorei suas cestas.

Nisha said...

Interesting..you are creative!!