Apr 19, 2011


Forgive me my long silence, but I have so many custom orders I barely have time for anything else. It was not a complaint, I'm very happy so many people like my works! 
This little heart kuglauf is my old plan to make. My favorite piece in this little scene is the mini cake shovel.

Now back to work!


Patty said...

Bozse, I love how realistic all of your food looks! This is so wonderful and I too love the cake server!! I hope you share what you are commissioned to make! I would love to see more of your work!!! I love it!

anna said...

I can only agree with the above comment!! Please put up more photos...everything looks soooo great! Greetings!

Julianna said...

Yam! Looks so delicious!

rosanna said...

Bozse, you make me drool on he keyboard. I love your food and I love it even more cos I recognize it, no fancy velvet cake (fancy for me) but good old european stuff. I love the way you work !!! Rosanna

Mona said...

Love it, beautiful work!

Narán said...

!Qie apetecible se ve! con un buen café es ideal para estas horas de la merienda.

Besos, Narán

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy looking at your blog and your wonderful works!

Pamela ~

Snowfern said...

Your work is so stunning :) I LOVE IT! i have been craving and resisting cake for 2 weeks, i think..this has pushed me off the edge.....XD

Ana Anselmo said...

fantastic work, as ususal, I agree totally with Rosanna and I love your work too.
agreat mini hug from Lisbon