Feb 24, 2011

Walnut and almond in 1:12

A hungarian woman ordered some walnuts and walnut kernels from me. It was a great challenge to make walnut kernels, but I was so pleased with the results I made some extra pieces  for a new cake into my Etsy shop.

It seems now I'm in a nut mood, so I made an almond cake, too.

...with coffee beans to be something smaller than the almonds!


Kikka said...

You are just amazing with your work! The walnut kernels on the Cake are Perfect!
And the coffee beans... O´my, they are gorgeous too!

cockerina said...

Bozse dear, you're not normal! ah ah ah!
amazing, you managed to reproduce the walnuts!
but I do not see the cake on Etsy! how much is it?
You are a devil tempting .... :))
kisses, Caterina

PS: I forgot.. I am no longer able to put together the grapes ... :(

Patty said...

Bozse, I just LOVE everything that you make and like Caterina I am amazed at your talent and everything that you make! You are such a great artist!!

Bözse said...

Cockerina! I've never been normal at all! The walnut cake wasn't on Etsy too long. It was sold on the same day.
Sorry for the grapes! Next week I send you new bunches and try to pack more carefully!

Nina in Germany said...

This cakes looks so real and wonderful, I can not believe that they are minis - very great.

CWPoppets said...

Why is it, that I always get hungry when I look at your cakes and sweets ? Hmm, strange!

ines paiva raposo said...

O bolo está lindo, parabéns! Até dá fome só de olhar para a fotografia!

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski said...

Your cakes are beautiful!!! They look real!!

La Belle Cuisine by...Marina said...

Uau!!!! So small!!! The cakes look delicious!

Robin said...

They're amazing!!

Elga said...

Now I want some cake, it looks delicious!!!!!

elis said...

Great cakes!

M.Narbon said...

Beautiful cakes!!
Looks so real!!

Clody said...

these walnuts are incredibly small and perfect!!!!!
super good!!!!


cockerina said...

ah ah! Bozse, I think that nobody miniaturist, is "normal "..... we are little crazy, or brilliant, depending on who is watching us! :))
thanks for the grapes, I'm sorry that you have to send it again, but I'm totally a landslide when it comes to food Fimo .. :((
I think the best thing would be to make a soul inside, grape stalk as real, but I do not know how to do...
a big hug and many thanks!
PS: out of curiosity, how much is the cake with nuts?

Bözse said...

Cockerina, the walnut cake was 32$.

cockerina said...

oh!........ thanks!! :))

Oiseau deNim said...

I like your conversion. LOL

Anonymous said...

Your work is so wonderful.

The walnut on your finger is amazing, very realistic!