Sep 7, 2010


I was inspired by the extra sized bananas I had bought last week. After long studying here are the results.

Next time I will try to make a half peeled one, too. I made some pumpkins and gourds, but they need painting to look like real ones.
The most important part of this post is that

I have sold my very first mini on Etsy!

Thank you very much! A basket of Hungarian peaches has left my country just now to cross the ocean to its new owner.


Patty said...

Bozse, Your banana's are wonderful! Congratulations on your first sale!!! I am so happy for you! I am sure there will be plenty more in the future! Your work is so good!!!

cockerina said...

hello I've just enrolled in your blog, your works are incredible, I'm speechless!
I am also looking out for your "Mediterranean balcony" ..
take a cup of coffee?? here is so good .. ha ha!
a hug from Italy, Caterina

Jaana said...

Banana's are wonderful!

Sans! said...

These are great bananas and congratulations to your 1st sale :).

berri said...

i love these bananas. and the gourds as well:)


Clara said...

Los platanos perfectos, seguro que los de verdad se los han comido y no los has podido poner al lado :)
seguro que son idénticos.
Felicidades por tu venta, vendran muchas más.
Besos Clara