May 16, 2010

A good weekend

This weekend was great and fruitful except that the weather was dirty. It has been raining for about two weeks, my mood is increasingly gloomy, the garden is a puddle, weeds are happy! I feel like living in India in monsoon! But I have plenty of time to make minis!
Even the beginning was wonderful being one of the three winners of Nina's giveaway on This was the first time in my life winning anything. Nina's miniatures are perfect! Thank you, Nina!
And I made some objects for the room. The windows are ready, but I have no any plexi at home, so these are only the frames.

I tried to furnish the radiator with some fittings, but I'm not competent in plumbing. Does it look like a radiator?

Yesterday I've found a blog with fantastic miniature plants ( and I had to make a hyacinth! I'm very contented with the result. Ok, I know a real hyacinth flower has six joined petals, and I made only four of them, but it was the maximum my eyes and my hands could tackle with. All along I thought if I sneeze all of my work would be over.

Making miniatures is contagious! This is a mug with coffee my eldest daughter made me. Am I look tired?

And the best minis I've ever made: Sára (5), Kata (7) and Dóri(3) - from left to right.

I send these Geraniums from my garden to my new followers! I'm happy you are here!


Merry Jingle said...

Your windows are fab, don't tell me that they really open or I start to cry!

And the radiator is fab, again, don't say that you did the whole thing yourself?

And the hyacint is fab, you're so so talented in these minithings :)

We have a full summer here, too hot, it's over 30 degrees in sun. My garden is also full of weeds, but can't stay out there for too long as it's really acoginizin weather, I think it's going to be one big thunder in the next few days.


Carol said...

You may wonderful miniatures! Your windows remind me of the windows in my husband's grandmother's apartment in Slovakia. And your radiator and hyacinth are so perfect. Thank you for the flower link.

sylvia said...

The window and radiator are perfect. And the precious flowers.

Bözse said...

Ira, the windows can not open! I played with the idea of a slightly open window, a light breeze blowing through it stirring the curtain... Not now!
And I do make everything by myself! If I buy something (I have no money for it) it would be not the same! I really enjoy to make up how to fabricate an ordinary thing in 1:12, choosing materials, tools and technique.

Flora said...

Bozse dear, I'm one of your new follower. I like your work rigorously and clean: you see that you're an architect!
Indoor plants are beautiful: I like working with paper and I think that, having seen your, I will take courage and try.
I saw for the first time your photo little face when you won the give away of Nina: package regency was my favorite and I wanted to see who the lucky winner. I'm glad I know your blog.
If you come to see me I'm glad. Incidentally, I have 95 followers and maybe in a few days you can join another give away :-)

Norma said...

How did you make that radiator? It's really great!

Norma said...

Ooops, meant to say those three little girls are just GORGEOUS!!

Bözse said...

Norma, thank you! The praise goes not only to me but to their father, too! I love them!
As for the radiator, I cut the panels one by one, then glued them with cello tape to drill the holes evenly. Some refining and stringing the panels onto two rods, and it's ready! It seems simple even to me as I write, but making...!

Monica said...

What a charming, happy threesome! Delightful to look at ... and the hyacinths are lovely as well! Every little place needs a breath of springtime, no matter the weather.